Faheem and I recently made the decision to send Tanner to preschool. So come September, she will be doing a 2 hour day 3 days a week program.

Although today, she starts summer camp at the preschool. It’s 2 and a half hour sessions 3 days a week to get her acclimated to starting preschool…

Any other mother who has sent their child to preschool knows exactly how I am feeling at the moment. I am feeling ALL THE FEELS. I’m nervous, excited, sad, anxious, happy, terrified, I’m feeling guilty, you name it- I’m probably feeling it.

I’m nervous because for the last [almost] 2 years, it’s been me and her all day everyday. I only recently started dropping her off at the library with my mom and I let my sister take her to swim lessons. But those are family members. I’m nervous because she is going to be with strangers. Yes, yes I know, shes either going to get used to it or shes not. She tends to be very shy when she’s in uncomfortable situations. She always turns back to make sure I’m still right there. So dropping her off is going to be difficult. I’m praying that she surprises me and isn’t screaming crying when I leave.

I’m excited because this kid is so ready. She is so bright and loves to learn so I know she’ll thrive. I’m excited for her to meet other kids her age and socialize and make friends. When we are at the library she plays with other kids and looks like she has so much fun. So I’m sure she’ll be ok.

I’m sad because like I said, for almost 2 years its been me and her all day everyday, doing things together. I know its only 2 hours but still.

I’m feeling guilty because she’s not even 2 yet and we’re already sending her.

I know at the end of the day this is going to be harder for me than it actually is for her. And I’m super excited to get her into an environment where she can learn more than she already is at home, and allow her to meet some friends.

Well, I dropped her off.

She was actually ok. The teacher comes and gets the kids so the little girl waiting in front of us had a major melt down, hysterical crying so I thought Tanner would get nervous and scared too. When we got out of the car she put her back pack on and held her lunch bag but she wanted to be in my arms when walking to the school. They had bubbles going so I was saying “look at the bubbles, you love bubbles” to try to get her excited (and let’s be honest; to try and calm me down and hold in the tears). When they got the other girl inside and came for Tanner, the teacher heard me still talking about bubbles so she mentioned them too and then she said something about Tanners nana shirt she was wearing. The teacher (Ms Coleen) put her arms out and said ok Tanner ready? And Tanner went in her arms with no hesitation at all. And they walked away. She didn’t even turn around to make sure I was still there!!!! I had to wait for the teacher to tell them something so the Ms Coleen came back out after grabbing a few more kids and said Tanner is doing great already. Shes inside playing with barbies and having fun. And they were trying to get the girl who was crying to come play with Tanner.

Let’s see how it goes when I pick her up later. Hopefully they say it went well! She goes again tomorrow and Thursday.

Well I picked her up and they said she did ok. She was shy and in the teachers arms here and there but did ok otherwise! Tomorrow is another day. I’m sure I’ll cry dropping her off again but I’m so happy with how the first day went!

As always thanks for reading! ♡

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