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Hunters birth story

He’s here!!! (Well hes been here for almost 6 weeks now. I just haven’t gotten around to posting this.)

Hunter Faheem Memon graced us with his presence Thursday June 7th at 5:15pm.! Weighing in at 7lbs 12oz, and 20 & 1/2″ in length! Just 2 days early from his due date!


On that Tuesday I had my weekly checkup where the midwife did an exam. I was only 1cm dilated so we made plans for the next few weeks to come in case he was nice and comfy in there. (Which is what I thought was going to happen)

Well, 7pm that evening, Faheem, Tanner, Denali and I were outside playing when I felt a gush of something. – now mind you – my water never broke with Tanner so I didn’t know what to expect. It happened a few times so I rushed to the bathroom to see my underwear had been soaked. But it wasn’t what you see or hear about in the movies. It wasnt that huge gush of water that soaked my pants and dropped on the floor. It was more of “did I just pee?”

I immediately text my girlfriend/midwife, Kristen, telling her what happened. We weren’t completely convinced that my water broke since what that mornings exam told us so we decided to just monitor it for what turned out being a whole 24 hours. I had no contractions at all, just minor leaking. Finally, the following evening, that Wednesday we decided it was time to go in to the hospital to get checked to see if the water indeed did break. Turned out in fact it did. I think what they called it was a high rupture. Since it broke I was admitted and induced with pitocin to get the ball rolling.

Well the ball must have been deflated or something because my uterus was one stubborn B!!! It’s like she forgot what she had to do! So we were at a stand still 1cm for quite a while. When I finally started to get contractions they were 14 mins a part!!! They kept upping the dose of pitocin and on came faster and stronger contractions. Around 10 am (11 hours after already being at the hospital) my contractions were 2-3 minutes a part and I was in so much pain so I asked for an epidural.

Once I got the epidural I was able to rest and get some sleep – which was great since I haven’t slept in over 24 hours. When they checked me at one point I was still only 5cm, they decided to break my water even more and that’s when things started picking up. My epidural started wearing off so I got another dose and shortly after I started to feel more pressure and pain. However this time it was because Hunter was moving lower into the pelvis getting himself ready but he was being a little dramatic and didn’t like what was going on so he was in distress. At one point all I remember is the 2 nurses and Kristen rushing in, putting oxygen on me and trying to calm Hunter down by rubbing my stomach and checking to see where he was situated internally. At one point they made me get on all fours to try and calm him. My legs were numb due to the epidural so they had to literally flip me over since I couldn’t do it my self. My blood pressure dropped, his heart rate dropped and I remember looking back to find Faheem (he had left a few minutes earlier to go grab coffee) and he was behind the ladies with a look of fear on his face. I don’t know how I remained so calm, I don’t even think I cried. I think its because of my rock star bestie who got me through it and just knowing she was there I was so at ease. It was definitely a scary couple of minutes though.

We got through that part and finally around 3ish I felt enough pressure where I knew I was going to have to start pushing. They checked to see how dilated I was and sure enough I was 10cm dilated. I started to push starting 320… almost 2 hours of trying to get this little guy out. They say second babies are easier to push out! I guess that’s not the case when your baby is sunny side up! Normally their head is down when it comes out, in Hunters case it was up. Which made things extremely difficult. His head was stuck behind my pelvis bone. Every contraction where I pushed I felt like I wasn’t doing anything. They had me on my back, on my sides, on all 4s to try to help this kid move. It wasn’t just my midwife in the room, it was the 2 nurses and I think 2 other midwives also. I remember at one point Kristen sitting down (mind you shes almost been at the hospital for 24 hours straight. She stayed and slept there to wait for me to deliver – if thats not an amazing friend than I don’t know what is!) and another mid wife asking me if it was ok for her to check to see whats going on in there. Obviously I didn’t mind, I just wanted this baby out of me!

Finally with this last contraction and the last breath I had in me I pushed him out. I dont know how I did it. I truthfully didn’t even feel that it was actually happening. But he came out with that last long hard push.When he came out, he was NOT crying. So of course I’m getting nervous and emotional waiting to hear his scream. When it finally came I took a deep breath and was just so damn happy it was over….


Faheem later told me that one of the nurses asked if it was time for the vacuum to help remove him but my midwife said no. I actually heard her whisper “no not yet”. At this point I was on all fours and she was at my side rubbing my back. I dont know why she said no, maybe because she had faith in me that I would do this maybe she didn’t want to put me through that, I’m not sure. I think I cried most of the hard labor because of how bad it was. At one point I almost said to her I give up to just open me up but I didn’t. And it even turns out that most OB pregnancies end with a c section…

I had such an amazing group of women in my room the whole time cheering me on and Faheem did an amazing job keeping me calm and helping me focus. I truthfully could not have done it with out my bestie. I’m so thankful that she was there. I couldn’t thank the group of ladies enough especially Krissy.


I think this labor was definitely more difficult than Tanners, but I got through it and hes here. Hunter Faheem Memon is finally here. We are now a family of four and we couldn’t be happier!

When we took Hunter to his 1st well visit he lost almost 9 oz. My milk took a little bit to come in but once it did, he started gaining his weight back. Now here we are almost 6 weeks later and at his 1 month appointment he weighed a whopping 11.3 lbs and is 23 1/4″ long! My little guy isn’t so little!

As always, thanks for reading along! ♥♥

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