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Family photos

I can not believe we are down to the wire. Baby boy Memon is going to be here before we know it! I’m due in just 5 days!!! If you read my recent bumpdate post you know that Faheem and I thought he was going to be here a lot sooner than his actual due date. Well now I think this boy is SUPER comfy and is not going to want to come!!!  Regardless of when he gets here, it’s happening soon! (yikes!) so we’ve been trying to soak up as much time as we can being a family of 3 before he gets here.

We recently got a family maternity session done and I’m so glad we did! I’m that person who loves having special moments captured. Something to look back on and tell funny stories or share something that you remember just from seeing that photo.

We had my mom come with us to keep an eye on Tanner while Faheem and I took photos of just us. Tanner wouldn’t stay still while trying to get family photos! All she wanted to do was run around and have fun. When she was with us, she kept calling for nana, and when she was with nana she kept calling for mama. LOL At first I was a little stressed about it because of course you want those perfect photos. She was even wearing white pants and kept falling and getting grass stains!! Finally I just said to Jennifer (the photographer) “hopefully you can just edit that out”. She saw that I was getting stressed and told me not to worry that she’s getting great shots. I didn’t believe her lol but that night she posted a sneak peak that we did just a few hours before and I literally had tears in my eyes of how AMAZING it came out! When we got the photos back I was so amazed at the photos she got with Tanner in them!

Even though baby boy will be here any day, I still wanted these photos done to capture us one last time as a family of 3 and to look back on. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

















As always thanks for reading along! And if you are local to me and looking for an amazing photographer please check out Jennifer Tuesto Photography ♥

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