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Pregnancy update

It’s been about 4 weeks since I’ve posted a blog post. I’ve been so busy! I’ve been in nesting mode for about 3 weeks now and have not stopped trying to get stuff done for this babe to arrive! My last post was all about my almost 34 week Pregnancy update.

I’ll jump right to it!

How far along: 37 weeks 5 days!

Weight gain: 23 lbs (according to my scale lol)

Cravings: I haven’t had any new cravings lately. Still fruits and veggies!

How I’m feeling: Oh boy, I get this question asked WAYYYY too much. Everyone expects an “I feel great” right? but I just say, “eh ok, I’m over it” and they usually just laugh at me and say “it’s almost over”. Yea, it may almost be over but it feels like its never ending!!! I’m feeling HUGE!! and I really feel like there is no more room for my belly to grow!

Physically: I’m still exhausted. I’m starting to feel a ton of pressure low in my pelvis and some shooting pains which they call “lightening” – it’s like a jolt of lightening that lasts literally for one second and then goes away. My back is getting crampy – (I either need a nice massage or a good stretch!) My midwife told me that these symptoms are normal at 37 weeks and it just means baby is dropping lower to get ready. (YIKES!!)

Emotionally: A part of me is still so nervous, anxious and wondering how the F am I going to be able to handle 2 under 2. I’m still not ready to give up my alone time with Tanner but I know she’s going to be a wonderful big sister and helper! And I also know that there will still be plenty of times during the day where her and I do get our alone time. The other part of me is finally getting excited. Excited to meet this little boy, excited for Tanner to become a big sister and I’m excited that its only a short time until I get to hold him in my arms.

Nursery: I’ll just say its about 85% done. The theme is picked and we started hanging stuff. We still have one more thing to order and are waiting on a few more things to gt here to complete it! I cant wait to see the end result, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

Besides the nursery, we’ve also been getting Tanners big girl room set up too and we’re almost done with that as well! It is coming out better than I could have imagined and she’s LOVING it! I will share her space with you guys as soon as its complete!

Name: We’ve been set on his name for quite some time, as I said last update, we’re trying to figure out a middle name. The middle name that I really liked finally got vetoed by Faheem. However, we have 3 middle names in mind and I told him I was fine with all 3 and will leave it up to him to choose. I do love all 3 and they definitely all have meaning behind them which I love. So I can’t wait to see which one he chooses!

Pregnancy essentials: I was originally going to do a post of this on its own, but since I’m running out of time I’ll just add it to this!

  • Palmers coco butter lotion – I use this daily to prevent stretch marks. It worked wonders while pregnant with Tanner and so far I’m not seeing any marks. I use it all over my belly, upper legs, love handles and even my boobs! I HIGHLY recommend this!
  • Tums – OH MY LORD! The indigestion is no joke! I feel like I eat Tums as if they were candy! (and YES they are safe to have during pregnancy) And it doesn’t matter what I eat! It’s usually worse when eating carbs but I could even be eating an apple and 30 minutes later feeling it.
  • Maternity clothes – ugh the dreaded maternity clothes!!! I hardly bought anything except 1 pair of pants while pregnant with Tanner. This time around since I’m home all day with Tanner I chose to get a few different pants. What a pain that was! The few pairs that I have I love. They are all the full panel jeans. (there is a band that covers your belly) I have 2 pairs that I ordered from Destination MaternityArticles of Society and a pair from Old navy. The Articles of Society ones (to me) are more on the expensive side however I got them on a really good sale and also wore them all the time and probably will even wear them postpartum. What I like best about these 2 pairs of jeans is they have belt loops so I could wear a belt with them! I highly recommend both of these! I didn’t get too much shirts since my normal shirts are loose enough to wear with a bump, but if I ordered shirts I usually got them from Motherhood Maternity or Pink blush.

If you guys have any other questions on my pregnancy essentials or even the maternity clothes please don’t hesitate to reach out!, Either leave a comment, email me or send me a DM on Instagram! It can definitely be an annoying process finding what you like!


Faheem and I both think that this baby is going to be coming sooner than his due date. I keep telling him he’s not allowed to come until I’m done getting everything ready! lol! I still have so much to do but know I’ll be able to get it done this week or at least I hope I can!

This will be the last bumpdate that I share with you until he makes his entrance into this world! Can’t wait to share him with ya’ll!

As always, thank you for reading along! ♥

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