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Pregnancy update

Hey guys! Happy Friday!! So I’m already more than half way there!!!! Tomorrow I’ll be 26 weeks!. It definitely is going verrry fast. Half the time I forget that I’m even pregnant because I’m so busy taking care of Tanner! But the other half; my goodness I’m actually so uncomfortable already. I’m not afraid to admit this, but I am one of those women who actually does not like being pregnant. The ONLY thing I like is feeling my boy move so I know he’s Ok!

On that note here’s my 26 week bumpdate:


Weight gain: In my 1st trimester I ended up losing 10lbs. I am now 10lbs heavier than my initial pre birth weight. So does that mean I gained 20lbs or just 10lbs. Who knows but as of right now I am comfortable with the weight I’ve gained. I like to think I’m all belly.  Others may say different but I’ll keep telling my self that LOL

Cravings: In the begining I was craving a lot of meat. The only problem with that for me is, I like my steaks medium rare so eating them well done is definitely difficult but still yummy. I can not wait to have a nice juicy steak again!!

I’ve also been craving peanut m&m’s. I don’t even know if these are allowed during pregnancy but that’s what baby wants so that’s what mama eats!! Haha

Pepsi is another weird craving. I normally never drink Pepsi! I’m a Sprite drinker when it comes to soda but recently I HAVE to have my Pepsi!

Oh and of course there’s pizza. I eat pizza on the norm but I mean it’s excessive this pregnancy. I order a pie once a week and have the left overs for lunch the next few days haha #fatkidatheart right here! LOL


Name: At this point we are 90% certain we picked out a name. I say 90% because who knows what will happen haha (my husband will probably read this and say pssh, babe that’s the name haha) now we just need a middle name. Oh and no, sorry guys you won’t  find out the name until the baby is born!

Nursery: We are currently trying to figure out what we’re doing for furniture for baby boy Memon. We thought we had a set picked out but it’s too big. So we’re back at square one. I at least have an idea of the color scheme!

Clothes: Me, my mom and my sister are shoppers. We can’t pass up a good sale, so Baby boy Memon already has all of his new born clothes (including his hospital outfits) and 3 month outfits! #noshame. With Tanner everyone bought her clothes which of course is so much appreciated but with this baby I’m telling everyone not as much clothes! (we had WAY to much with Tanner!)

How I’m feeling:

  • Physically: The 1st trimester was rough where I was exhausted all the time and couldn’t eat anything (hence the weight loss). Now that I’m more than half way there, it’s gotten a lot easier however there are days where I am so tired that I have no motivation and have to take a nap when Tanner naps. As I said before, I’m not one of those women who absolutely love being pregnant. Don’t get me wrong; yes the fact that I am growing a tiny human inside of me is so bizarre that I have no words to describe it. However, everything that comes with it; the sickness, the tiredness, the weight gain, the pregnancy mask/acne etc…. the un-comfortableness from just bending down or the lack of sleep. I just don’t like that part. I toss and turn all night to try and find a comfortable position. It’s the worst!
  • Emotionally: I obviously am well aware that I am having a baby, it just still hasn’t hit me that we’re going to be parents of 2, that somehow I am going to have to care for 2 babies. Like how am I going to do that?!. I’m still emotional about the fact it will no longer be just me and Tanner so I’m trying to soak up every moment I have with her before the baby comes. I know I still have 14 more weeks but in reality that is not a long time at all. So that means a lot of kisses, a lot of snuggles, a lot of dance parties! I know things will change once the baby gets here but I also know that I’ll be fine and figure it out!


Well that’s all for now! If you’re a mama or mama to be, let me know in the comments how you’re feeling and things that you’ve gotten done already!

As always, thanks for reading along! 

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